Rent Arrears

NCL Property Management has very strict procedures in place regarding rent arrears.

We require that all rent payments are received at our office before the due date as nominated on your tenancy agreement.

In an event where you will be late making a rent payment, it is very important that you notify your Property Manager in advance.

In the event that your rent arrears escalate to 7 days, you will be issued with a Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach, in accordance with legislation, which will ask that all outstanding monies are paid within the following 7-day time frame.

Further to a Notice to Remedy Breach being issued, if payment has not been received by the date which the notice expires (on the 15th day), our office will issue you with a Form 12 Notice To Vacate in accordance with legislation. This notice will advise that you have 7 days to vacated the property and pay all outstanding rent in full.

In the event that you default on your tenancy agreement and are issued with a Notice To Vacate with rent outstanding, your details will be lodged with a National Tenancy Default Database for future prospective landlords or Agents to gain information from.

This situation should be avoided at all costs, therefore it is very important that you make every effort to stay in advance with your rent payments at all times. If you foresee a delay with meeting a rental payment before the due date, please contact your Property Manager immediately to discuss.

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